Posted by: Jen | April 19, 2009

How often should you blog?

If you’ve come across this blog as a blogger, or future blogger, your path may have been similar to mine. Some just dive right in, others probe around and ask questions. I am the latter, and wanted to know if there was a concensus on the frequency one should blog.

  1. Sorted out that I wanted to blog
  2. Decided what to blog about
  3. Typed in “How often should you blog?” into Google

Google spat out  56,600,000 results, then with quotes a humble 863 results. Still, that’s a lot of asking with even more answers. Then I realised there is no concrete answer. But for the sake of my love of analysing I looked at a random number of websites and they said to blog:

  • Several times a day (15%)
  • Once a day (33%)
  • Once a week (30%)
  • A couple of times a week (22%)

Several sites suggest sticking to a blogging routine (50%) and others say blog whenever you feel like it (50%).  If things start to happen, I may need to rethink my ‘plan’ but for now I think I’ll attack it adhoc.

How did you approach this when you started blogging? What advice would you give?



  1. When I started blogging I posted whatever, whenever (even though my first blog was an art blog…haha :P) I posted a couple of times a week, I think. Now I have more than one, and some I update several times a day, and some a few times a week. I guess it depends on the subject?

    So I would say just post when you feel like posting and have something to post. I think that works best. 😀

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