Posted by: Jen | April 20, 2009

Pie away and chart your day

My life as a pie

This is my typical working day. Often I wonder where the time goes, so as a first step I decided to whip some digits into Excel and pie it out. I found out some interesting things, you might too if you try the same!

  1. I work more than I sleep
  2. I have a significant amount of ‘other’ time
  3. I spend as much time in the car as I do putting food in my mouth
  4. I eat more than I exercise
  5. Pie charts aren’t as tasty as real pies

I know that this chart isn’t completely accurate. It’s quite simplistic, but it does make me realise I need to actively make time to do things that I enjoy. Today I signed up with Rescue Time (an online site that keeps track of how long you spend pottering on the computer).


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