I am a Burger

Hi, I’m Jenny and you might be able to relate when I say I don’t usually start something until it’s been ‘designed’ just right. For the past 27 years it’s been a great excuse never to start anything. But despite the fact I am a proficient a procrasinator, I’ve started this. Maybe one day it will inspire someone else to crack into action and act on a desire to do something.


I’ve created Sort Out to help me, well, sort out a few things. My desire to doodle stuff, organise offline or digitally, enjoy brainless activities and learn about the world of blogging.

Here’s a snippet about me:

  • I like food, not only eating it but also looking and smelling it. Particularly coffee, give me a instant coffee sachet to sniff anyday, but I don’t drink the stuff.
  • I like to collect, organise and create. This blog is the spawning ground for all these things.
  • I enjoy squishing tactile sensory toys and poking things.

Stretch out, and hope you enjoy my drawn out thoughts and scribbles.

More about the blog…

It’s been a while since I posted last, and I’m determined to continue this time around.


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